ISO 9001

"I completed the auditor training today and received my Certificate. I really like the training format and quiz format. Easy to follow and understand. I would recommend the course to anyone who has a need to understand the transition to the 2015 standard."

VP of International Business Operations Orion Registrar Inc.

"...providing cost-effective uniform training for a management and sales staff that is located world-wide is difficult at best.  Arranging travel and schedules to ensure that everyone can get to the training is next to impossible. CALISO's online training provides a comprehensive program that allows our management team the flexibility to take the ISO 9001 training on their own schedules, while providing documentable evidence of the training.
Ensuring that Senior management understands their role in the updated standard is the first step in ensuring the success of our ISO 9001 certification.
After researching a number of online training solutions, I found CALISO's program to offer the best bang for the buck."

Jerry Bunch - Senior Quality Manager of Boundless Manufacturing Services


"I just completed the Interactive online ISO 13485 Lead Auditor training. I liked the fact that I was able to take the class at my convenience from my desk at work. I was able to allocate a few hours over a 4-day period to take the class. The layout of the on-line training was easy to follow. All of the standard requirements were in italics and an easy-to-understand "translation" could be found directly underneath. Also, since each section was followed by a short quiz the entire process didn't feel overwhelming."

Julie C. Hagmann - ISO Coordinator of Baxter Healthcare Corporation-Pleasanton Division

"The GLP course was very useful for our organization. We managed to train more people cost-effectively and without locking them in a classroom for days! The ISO 19011 Auditing courses were also a nice complement to develop the audit teams."

Mokhtar Mered - Cell Banking Mgr. - Bayer Emmeryville


"I want to thank you for introducing me to the AS9100C online training course. As a Quality Manager at Ametek Hughes-Treitler NY I need to have the most current training and I also need to manage my time very carefully. I found the AS9100 training course to be ideal for my schedule. The AS9100 - C revision is soon to be implemented and I now have a very good understanding of the changes. The course itself was very challenging, concise and convenient."

Michael Doherty - Quality Manager of Ametek Hughes-Treitler NY


"CALISO helped in my career achievement with the CALISO Training Certificate (Certificate Number 9945) for Interactive ISO 9000:2000 & Auditor Training. While as the Head of Operations during the 2008 period, QMS had been a part of my role but I felt I needed more in depth knowledge about it. The organised CALISO interactive session were brainstorming and the training is a fast track option available to working individuals."

Sunil Kumar Ayyappan Santhamma, CEO, DOOZER Business Associates, Kerala, India


"The challenging online ISO 9001 Auditor Certification Training, offered by CALISO, really helped me to focus on business process improvement at my company. I feel more connected to my current position with new tactics to approach quality issues effectively. I can conduct internal audit now for my organization and that is a major plus..."

Kean P. Finnegan, P.G. - Sales Engineer Applied Geomechanics


"I just finished the online ISO 14001 auditor training and wanted you know that two weeks ago I attended a 5-day $2500.00 lead auditor course. I actually got a better understanding of the new requirements from your online course, compared to some of the areas that the 5-day course left gray. I am disappointed that I did not know of the online training prior to investing the $2500.00, your online training is considerably less expensive, more comprehensive and I received and internationally recognized training certificate. I loved the convenience of being to be able to take it at my own pace and not having to take time away from work. I am going to have members of all our branches take this online class, to strengthen our audit team."

Mike Madewell - QA Director of Taylor Communications Inc.


"I just completed the online ISO familiarization training for ISO 9000 and thought it was a great. I enjoyed doing the lessons in my own time and I am sure I took in more information by doing it this way. I want to complete the online Auditor training for ISO 9000 next. It is so much easier doing it at my own pace in my office, rather than have to go and live in an hotel for a week...."

Chris Turner - Project Manager - Lean Mfg of Manex


"The ISO 9001 Lead Auditor courses were extremely helpful to train our staff in different bases around the globe. Thank you for this great product...."

Sean Hilman - Global QA Director- SH


"Thank you very much for this course and service. It beats going to a live seminar which is much less convenient and far more expensive....... I was able to train more internal auditors cost-effectively and famiiarized more production staff on the standard requirement."

Charles Poirier - QA Manager - Knurr Inc.


"1st let me say that the ISO 14001 course is great. I completed it a couple of months ago and I have recommended it to others...... I will take the CALISO Lead Auditor course now!"

Randall Daily - RAB EMS-LA #E052340


"This is, by far, the most comprehensive and well planned ISO 9001 training program I have yet to come across. Caliso has done an exemplary job on this program."

Joseph Sheppa


"I am 24 years old and a graduate of a community college in Tucson, Arizona. I studied international business and developed a strong passion for ISO 9001. I got a sales job and started learning how business is done first hand. I never had real life experience, but I was extremely motivated to learn and succeed. After 2 years of professional experience I decided to research the ISO 9000 field and move my career in that direction. The problem I ran into was with experience. I needed experience to get a job in the quality assurance field, and I needed experience to get that experience. This cross road lead me to CALISO. After consulting with different auditors, consultants and college professors in the ISO 9000 industry, it was clear that it would be in my best interest to take the online 8 hour course that they offered. This course gave me a real understanding of how ISO 9000 works. This course made me think and really gave me a good understanding on what was to come. I knew that I would need more education as well as experience, but this was definitely the step in the LEFT direction. Soon after I successfully completed the 8 hour course I was offered a job by an experienced consultant who was looking for someone to teach his business and expand to the West coast. I honestly believe that I couldn't speak intelligently about ISO 9000 to get this new job without CALISO. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting into the ISO 9000 field or someone who just needs a refresher course."

Mark Steven Blum -Solution Technology Inc.


"CALISO was so easy to work with. We were worried about the impact of culture change by implementing the AS9100 standard. CALISO made the standard work for us, they are very experienced with different methods to implementing the standard and their responsiveness is unmatched."

Frank Dutra - owner of Advanced Machining Technologies .

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