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About GMP & cGMP

What is GMP? It is the current set of standards and regulations set forth by the FDA are known as current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP for short. At Caliso, we offer GMP training course that will train you and your staff about the many ways in which the FDA regulates a number of industries in the United States, and how to follow their guidelines dependent upon the industry your business is in.

For those in the food and food packaging industry, we will teach you how and what to implement in the structure of your business before you release your product. For those in the medical device industries, we will teach you the basic tenants of the regulations as well as the minutia of product safety and manufacturing for the medical device, pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industries. Here are the links to the courses to latest versions of these regluations:

  • cGMP for medical device training - 21CFR820 course,
  • cGMP for finished pharmaceuticals training - 21CFR211 course,
  • cGMP for dietary supplements training - 21CFR211 course,
  • cGMP for human food training -21CFR110 course.

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